From Our Donors: Rosalie Di Iulio

“I’ve tried hard to think of what I can do to give back.”

Each Christmas, year after year, Mrs. Di Iulio makes a gift to the Department of Neurology in honor of someone very special. It is a gift she has made for over 10 years now.

But why? Why give every year, for so many years?

It is simple- to Mrs. Di Iulio, it is a way to honor the outstanding care her late husband received from faculty physicians and neurologists at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport.

“My husband could have gone anywhere, but we chose LSU. He felt they were the best. And they were.”

Treated for Parkinson’s Disease for many years, the Di Iulio family formed a special relationship with their physician team, led by Dr. Richard Zweig. They recount that Dr. Zweig’s compassionate care slowed the disease’s progression and allowed for more time enjoying family and friends up until the very last days.

Choosing to remember her husband and his physician team by making a charitable gift not only is a show of generosity and appreciation, but it supports critical advancements within the Department in the areas of research and patient care.

Thank you Mrs. Di Iulio for turning your special memories into lasting impact at LSU Health Shreveport.

– Mrs. Rosalie Di Iulio