Employee Excellence Awards

Distinguished Recipients



Last Name First Name Department Year
Alford Karen RN Manager, Pediatrics 2009
Allen Betty Social Services 2010
Ausberry Dorothy Nutritional Services 2004
Baker Sheila Endocrinology 2010
Batten Singletary Cindy Feist-Weiller Cancer Center 2008
Baugh Benjamin E.A. Conway - Radiology 2008
Beaudion Stephen Orthopedic Unit 2005
Bedford Lucille Administrative Support 2010
Bell Debbie Pediatrics 2016
Bell Katrina Health Sciences Library  2017
Bellar Jere Chancellor's Office 2004
Bickham Brenda Nursing- Women's and Children's Center 2008
Black Ruth Ann Lab Technician Assistant  2009
Blackshire Cassandra Ambulatory Care 2013
Boulware Bob E A Conway-Administrative Coordinator 2011
Bradford Clista (Ann) Internal Medicine 2015
Britt Dawn Office of Vice Chancellor 2006
Britton Frances F. E.A. Conway - Housekeeping 2009
Broadway Tony Physical Plant Administration 2009
Brock Deborah Biochemistry 2013
Brown Delores G. OB/GYN 2008
Brown Kenneth Auxiliary Services 2004
Brown Shirley Academic Affairs 2010
Bruner Barbara Pediatrics 2007
Bryan Sandra E.A. Conway - Quality Assurance 2009
Bryant Lorene Clinical Laboratory 2008
Bullard Ricky Orthopedic Surgery Clinic 2003
Burnaman Katheryn Alexandria Family Medicine 2015
Byrd Jennifer Hospital Administration 2003
Cheney Christine Graduade Medical Education 2017
Cherry Buddy Physical Plant 2004
Clark Shantell School of Allied Health 2017
Clay Bailey Physical Plant 2010
Cooper Danielle OB/GYN 2016
Couvillon Cathy Medicine 2016
Cox Cynthia Purchasing 2016
Davidson Beverly Emergency Medicine 2010
Davidson Laura E.A. Conway - Oncology 2006
Davis Gertrude Nursing Assistant 8K 2011
Dewitt Stephanie 8K - PCS Surgery Unit A 2007
Dickson Carolyn Health Information Management 2013
Diggs Shirley Neurosurgery 2014
DiGrazia Jean Medicine Services & Patient Care Support 2006
Driskell Susan Family Medicine 2014
Dugger Patricia Grants Administration 2003
Dykes Tammy E.A. Conway - Post-Partum 2007
Ealy Rendy Orthopedics 2011
Eaton Ki   E.A. Conway - Quality Assurance 2008
Ebarb Lisa Human Resources 2006
Eichler Annella Pediatric RN Case Manager 2005
Elliot Carol Burn Center 2009
Ethridge  Lana Surgical Oncology 2004
Everton Charles Pharmacy 2003
Faour Sheila Budget & Planning 2004
Fobbs Sandra OB/GYN 2006
Fowler Dr. Marjorie Pathology 2003
Futch Betty Hospital Administration 2006
Futrell Raina E.A. Conway - Pediatrics (NICU/NNCN) 2007
Galambos Susan Human Resources 2017
Gallagher Vicki Pulmonary 2012
Garsee Brandon Cardiopulmonary Services 2011
Gay Tyronica Urology 2011
George Henry Renal Unit 2003
Geroge Linda Outpatient Clinical Lab 2005
Gipson Karla Pediatric Clinic 2014
Gladney Sherry Financial Aid 2015
Golden Barbara Trauma Center 2003
Goodin Toni Pediatrics 2015
Grant Ernestine "Cookie" Renal Unit 2007
Grier Laurie Critical Care 2006
Griffin Lisa ER, EA Conway 2010
Grubbs Kristy Labor Unit 2012
Guerin Glenn Pharmacology, Tox, Neuro 2005
Hardman Jacqueline Neurosurgery 2005
Harper Jennifer Cell Biology & Anatomy 2008
Hatcher Jacqueline "Jackie" Student Admissions 2007
Hays Nell Library 2012
Hearn John R. "Richy" E.A. Conway - Pharmacy 2007
Hebert Valeria Pharmacology, Tox, Neuro 2011
Henry Deborah S. Family Medicine 2008
Hollis Ron Warehouse 2004
Holloman Colleen Feist-Weiller Cancer Center 2013
Holmes Adam Physical Plant - Plumbing 2008
Howard Denise Infection Control- EA Conway 2009
Howell Mary Human Resources 2003
Howells Jeffrey Academic Affairs 2011
Humphrey Ruthie "Jean" Perioperative Services 2005
Hurd Jill Medical Services 2005
Hutto Barbara Computer Services 2005
Jeroudi Majed  Pediatrics  2017
Jett Jamie Hospital Education 2003
Johnson Keith Neurophysiology 2011
Johnson Lorri Human Resource Management 2016
Johnson Melissa Bookstore 2014
Johnson Sue School of Allied Health 2016
Johnston Donald NICU 2013
Jones, M.D. Kimberly Pediatric Pulmonary 2007
Jones Olivia Children's Hospital - PICU 2008
Jordan Mary MICU 2006
Julian Kathleen Pediatric Nurse 2005
Kees James "Mickey" E.A. Conway - Information Technology 2007
Kelly Jennifer Medicine 2016
Kerry Betty E A Conway-pathology 2011
King Elaine Information Services 2005
King Elna Emergency Medicine 2008
Landals David Animal Resources 2014
Latimer Brian Pharmacology 2103
Laurents Monica Roberts Surgery 2008
Lee Beverly Burn Center 2006
Leeper Heath Burn Center 2008
Leftridge Shontasha Float nurse 2012
Lennard Martha Clinical Research, FWCC 2010
Lewis LaGwen ENT 2013
Lofton Christy Computer Services-EAC 2012
Mack Nancy Nurses Administration 2004
Mackowiack Laura Student Affairs 2017
Mahmoodian Ron E A Conway-biomedical engineering 2011
Mansour Richard FWCC-Medicine 2017
Matthiew Reva Allied Health- Children's Center 2009
Mayshack Cynthia Renal Unit 2005
McAlister Steven Accounting 2012
McAnn Theresa Psychiatry 2016
McCraw Diana Computer Services-HPL 2012
McKnight Randy Outpatient Research Pharmacy 2010
McNatt Sandra Physical Plant 2006
Meadors Bettye Nurse Manager/Support Servs 2005
Messina Jerry Biomedical Engineering 2009
Middlebrooks Mark Pharmacy 2006
Milholen Ryan Cardiopulmonary Services 2008
Miller Sarah Family Medicine 2011
Mills Joanne  Administration and Finance 2017
Mims Shirley Property Control-EAC 2012
Mitchell Peggy Cardiology/Internal Medicine 2004
Moore Mary Telemetry 2007
Moore Maureen Human Resources 2005
Moore-Medlin Tara Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery 2017
Morgan Shannon OB GYN 2017
Murphy Sara Nursing Services 2006
Nelson Annella Biochemistry & Molecular Bio 2004
Nelson Jim AV services 2012
Nicholson Jennifer Feist-Weiller Cancer Center IT 2014
Nugent Kathy Infection Control- HP Long Med Cntr 2009
Nunnery Lamar IT Group 2015
Oes Brenda PCS-NASS Staffing Office 2009
Oliver Jeff ITG 2016
O'Quinn Clayton E A Conway-central service 2010
Pace Tracey LPN, E A Conway 2012
Peterson Carol Office of Legal Affairs 2011
Phillips Deborah Operating Room 2003
Piper Crystal Surgery- Conway 2015
Poole Veronica Oncology - 6K 2006
Potts Dale Pharmacy 2008
Price Kathy Medical Communications 2007
Prohaska Lois Mollie Webb Speech & Hearing Center 2003
Ramsey Linda E A Conway- Human Resources 2009
Randolph Mark Respiratory Therapy 2003
Rawls Lorna IT Group 2015
Ray Amy ENT 2015
Reed Jena Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2012
Rensink Yalanda MICU 2013
Rinaudo Christi Academic Affairs 2009
Robberson Carloyn Ambulatory Care 2003
Robinson Jacqueline Out Patient Surgery 2003
Robinson Kay OB/GYN 2007
Ruesch David Shipping and Receiving 2017
Russell Jennifer Neurology 2015
Samra Navdeep Surgery 2017
Savoy Becky RN Manager,  Huey P Long 2012
Sella M'Liss Medicine 2014
Shorter Cynthia Huey P Long-ER medical assistant 2010
Simpson Stacey Surgery 2012
Sims RN Tonnie Neurosurgery 2011
Singleton Charlotte Student Affairs 2007
Small James  Pediatric Clinic 2010
Smith Doris U. Labor & Delivery 2004
Sowell Renee Nurse Recruiter 2010
Stanley Ruth Allied Health 2017
Stokes Dale Medical Communications 2014
Sullivan Terrie Burn Center 2011
Sutton Corine E.A Conway - Nursing Services 2006
Tallant Hillary OB/GYN 2014
Talley (Gloria) Dianne FWCC 2nd Floor Hematology/Oncology 2007
Taylor Shirley Computer Services 2004
Thomas Brendia Outpatient Clinic- EA Conway 2005
Thornton Michael SICU 2010
Trahan Ruth Ambulatory Care 2004
Tubbs Loraine "Lori" Medical Communications 2005
Turner Derek Rehabilitation Services 2013
Umer Sarwat Rheumatology 2017
Van Dyke Carmel Nursing Admin/Support Services 2004
Vidrine Laura Family Medicine - Alexandria 2017
Waggoner Janice E A Conway-Human Resources 2010
Walker Marie Perinatal 2009
Watson Connie Clinical Laboratory Sciences 2007
Watts Michael Burn Center 2005
Webb Betty Nursing Administrative Support 2009
Whittington Dorothy Admissions 2004
Williams Anthony Orthopedic Clinic 2013
Williams Earnestine Surgery Clinic 2012
Wipf Tracy Pediatric Clinic 2012
Woodward Annie Family Medicine- Alexandria FMRP 2016
Wynn Tammie Pediatric Cardiology 2014
Young Juli E A Conway-Ophthamology 2011
Youngblood Diedra Environmental Services 2006