Annual Giving

Chancellor’s Fund

When opportunities arise: we seize them. The Chancellor’s Fund provides flexible funding to tackle urgent and timely needs such as prestigious faculty research presentations, medical equipment updates, or simply the greatest need outside of standard budgets. Donations are used where they are most needed, at the discretion of the Chancellor. Help us seize opportunity with a donation during Give For Good, Giving Tuesday, Evening for Healers or immediately with a donation on our website, today.

“I attend Evening for Healers nearly every year because I know my donation makes vital care in our community possible. The power of seeing one patient and their team of expert medical professionals together on the stage illustrates exactly why the Foundation needs your support.” –Katy Merriman

Let’s seize opportunities together.

Alumni Fund

Leave a legacy for future students by becoming a member of the Alumni Association. Of course, you remember what it was like to be a student. Make medical school a bit easier and more productive for future students. Alumni previously funded high-tech improvements for study rooms, a holographic anatomy table and student-led initiatives like water-bottle fountains to reduce the use of plastic on campus.

Join the White Coat Society
Each year, alumni pitch in and purchase white coats for first year medical students, carrying a new tradition of “coating.” You change lives in your medical practice every day: inspire a new generation to do the same. It’s one small way to share your wisdom to future doctors.

“Medical school was a turning point for me. That time defined who I am today as a doctor. I give to the alumni fund to help future generations of doctors get the best training possible at LSU Health.”   –Nancy Eberhardt, MD

Join fellow alumni in support of our foundation.

DeSha Endowment

Dr. David DeSha leaves a mark on every single student at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. Alumni Drs. Jim and Karen Small wanted to honor his legacy as a beloved faculty member who drives high quality education at the medical school. Earnings from the endowment will be used in perpetuity to fund enhancements to curriculum, student-led initiatives and to improve the learning environment for the students. This crowdfunded endowment accepts donations of a few dollars all the way up to thousands. It speaks volumes to the power of Dr. DeSha and our faculty’s impact upon the medical professionals of the future.

“Every doctor who graduated from the LSU Health Medical School in Shreveport knows Dr. DeSha and benefited from his exceptional mentorship and compassion for students. This endowment ensures this legacy continues for all future medical professionals.” –Karen Small, MD

Leave a mark on the future like Dr. DeSha