The Center for Medical Education 

What was once a dream is now closer to reality than ever. In 2019 the Louisiana state architectural board selected Coleman Partners Architects to be the official architects and engineers of LSU Health Shreveport’s Center for Medical Education and Wellness. In late September, the Louisiana Board of Supervisors gave their seal of approval on Coleman Partners’ schematic designs for the building, and their blessing to begin construction in the spring of 2021.

With these new schematic designs the Center for Medical Education has taken on a bold new shape. Sleek lines and sharp, angular wings on the exterior hide a flowing, ascendant interior that walks you progressively through the body’s health journey. The building’s glass façade and surrounding greenspace befits the Center for Medical Education’s role as the beating heart of a modern, multidisciplinary academic medical center.

Incorporating the same key elements that this project necessitated from the start—like more lecture space, expanded clinical skills and simulation labs, and a comprehensive fitness and wellness center—the Center for Medical Education will now also house the Center of Excellence for Emerging Viral Threats. This not only arms LSU Health Shreveport with the resources needed to lead the fight against future viral outbreaks, but provides space for educating future medical technologists that are going to be driven specifically to manage viral diseases.

“We chose to support the Center for Medical Education because this once in a generation project benefits students, faculty, and our community right here in North Louisiana,” shared LSU Health Sciences Foundation Chairwoman Katy Merriman. “We were proud to leave a legacy at LSU Health in a place that will touch so many lives.”

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