The LSU Health Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery has a long-standing tradition of producing world-class neurosurgeons from our residency and fellowship programs. We are dedicated to offering an excellent combination of clinical and research opportunities and providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate medical education experiences led by some of the most knowledgeable and renowned neurosurgeons in the field. 

We appreciate the support of good friends, loyal alumni, and grateful patients. With your help, our neurosurgeons and residents can continue to pursue new ideas that push the limits of current knowledge and expand our ability to treat and cure. 

Contributions can be made in support of the Department of Neurosurgery. Thank you for your support.

Many gifts made to LSUHS Foundation are eligible for TAF Priority Points. If you have an existing TAF ID number, or would like us to report your giving information to TAF in order to create one, please contact us via the TAF ID Submission Web Form.

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